Sabtu, 05 Mei 2012

Another (failed) B'day Surprise

Finally, I got a birthday gift from my boyfriend last night. He gave me a lenspen. I need it to clean my DSLR camera even though it's not a thing that I expect as a birthday gift. Haha. Actually, he'll give it today, but he fails to surprise me (again).

As usual he came to my house
last night after college. He asked me to manage all of the files on his laptop. When I was looking for an optical mouse in his backpack, I found the lenspen. He seemed surprised when I found it.

Me: "What is this??"

Him: "Surpraise. That's yours. Happy Birthday"

Without comment I put it back into his bag.

Him: "Why?? You don't like it?"

Me: "I like it, but it's not wrap yet. How come you call it a surprise gift if you don't wrap it up??"

Him: "I want to wrap it up tonight, but you found it first. So it makes no difference if I wrap it or not because you already know what it is."

The incident make us laugh. Actually, it's not about the gift that I received, but I'd really like to open the presents and guess what the contents inside. Anyway, I appreciate his efforts to give me what I really need. Thanks for the lenspen dear. :-*

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